Villa Erca

  Villa Erca is a large Century villa set on the lush hillside of the Sorrentan peninsula facing Capri, on one of the prettiest coastlines of Italy.

It has been restored and converted in  private apartments, of which only two are let, sharing the pretty garden and swimming pool. The apartment on the ground floor leads directly into the garden.

The villa is at ten mins from Massalubrense, land of the mythical Ulysses and the Syrens, where history, art, culture and tradition meet. Natural walks through ancient villages, lemon groves, century –old olive groves and Mediterranean bush, all set against a background of incomparible view.

Massalubrense is a virtually triangular in a shape –its north-eastern side borders with Sorrento, whilist the other two side  are formed by the gulf  of Salerno and the Bay of Naples, with Punta Campanella at its vertex, facing Capri.  


the coast and Massalubrense square

          villa erca